Frequently Asked Questions in Westlake Village, CA

Possible Causes
My refrigerator
isn't keeping my
food cold
Check to make sure you have power to the refrigerator.
Check that the controls are set properly (it might be turned off)
Was the door left open for an extended period of time?
Check plug and/or circuit breaker for power supply.
Check and set control properly.
Make certain door closes properly and gaskets are in good condition.
Water and/or ice
dispensers are not
No water supply to the ice maker or refrigerator. Freezer door may not be closing all the way.
Make sure the water supply is on. Keep freezer door tightly closed. Check to be sure ice maker arm is in the "on" position.
It won't start
No power/voltage to the machine. Lid switch is not engaging. Timer is not properly engaged. Set buttons are not depressed properly.
Check the power cord and/or circuit breakers. Close lid properly. Push or pull timer know according to instructions. Push all set buttons firmly to engage.
It's not draining
or spinning
Kinked drain hose. Foreign matter in pump or hose. Lid not closed. Unbalanced load.
Check and straighten the drain hose. Remove foreign matter only if accessible. Close lid. Re-distribute load.
vibration, noise,
machine moves
Not level. Unbalanced load.
Machine should be properly leveled. Redistribute load.
My dryer
isn't heating
No gas or power/voltage to the burner. Timer or set buttons not depressed fully on heat cycle.
Check gas supply and/or power cord and circuit breaker. Set timer properly on heat cycle. Depress set buttons properly.
The drum is not
Broken belt, bad motor, bad timer
Above require service for diagnosis and repair.
The dryer isn't
getting hot
Check dryer vent for kinks and blockage.
There's no
There may be no power to the unit. Bad controls.
Check power supply and circuit breaker.
No heat - won't
turn on
Bad ignition or electrical control system.
Call for diagnosis and repair.
Not keeping
correct temperature
Needs calibration. Bad thermostat or bad ignition system.
Follow manufacturers' instructions to calibrate. Call for diagnosis and repair.
Burners will
not light
No gas or power supply to burners. Faulty ignition to burners. Faulty connections. Burner cap components not in proper place.
Check gas, power supply cord and breaker. Place burner caps properly on burner. Call for diagnosis and repair.
Gas cooktop keeps
clicking when
flame is on or off
Wet surface due to excessive cleaning or boil-over.
Turn off power (or turn off at circuit breaker) an allow components to dry.
It's not filling - no
water coming in
No water supply to the unit (turned off at shut off point.) Clogged inlet water valve.
Check water supply to dishwasher. Clear any visible debris from bottom of dishwasher. Call for diagnosis and repair.
It's not filling - no
water coming in
No water supply to the unit (turned off at shut off point.) Clogged inlet water valve.
Re-rack dishes according to manufacturers specification. Do not block wash arms. Use correct amount of detergent in proper dispenser. Check and correct water temperature. Check for drain obstructions.
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